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Over the last few weeks, as the consequences of the coronavirus for the nation, as well as higher education, became increasingly apparent, Louisiana Tech University and the College of Liberal Arts responded in true Bulldog fashion! 


In what was an astonishingly short time, all our course content, usually delivered in traditional classroom settings, went online.  This was particularly challenging with majors as diverse as those in the College of Liberal Arts.  From classes in Foundational Drawing for Architecture and Art students to doctoral courses in Audiology and GER’s in more traditional liberal arts disciplines like English, History, and Political Science, we found new and innovative ways to offer an unparalleled educational experience to our students.  Our loyal faculty met the challenge, solving problems with the kind of creative and critical thinking that is the hallmark of a liberal arts education.  I thank them for their professionalism as well as their dedication to the University, the College, and, especially, our Tech students. 

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