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Orientation Student Leaders
Welcoming the Next Generation of Bulldogs.

Each year, a new class of freshmen students embark on a journey familiar to all Tech alumni. These new Bulldogs leave behind the familiar halls of their high schools and hometowns for the pleasant walks and noble trees of Louisiana Tech's beautiful campus. For almost 50 years, the orientation program has been an important step in this transition and in helping students develop a love for their new home.

Led by staff of Orientation Student Leaders (OSLs), the next generation of Tech students attend a three-day orientation session that immerses them in the traditions and culture of Tech while preparing them for the next four years. The environment created by these student leaders is one of welcome and acceptance for all students. Each year, over 2,000 students come to orientation burdened with fears of the future and an unfamiliar new "home". With the help of their OSL, these fears are chipped away, as the newest additions to the Tech Family are given a mentor they can turn to throughout their first year as a Bulldog.


Your support of the Orientation Program and these amazing student leaders will help them to focus on welcoming the incoming freshmen class to our great university. We will be able to provide resources to both our OSLs and the incoming freshmen that will assist them in transitioning to college and quickly establish a love and excitement for Tech in the three short days they are at orientation. That is why we are participating in this year's Giving Day, Tech's annual 24-hour campaign that allows our ever loyal alumni to renew their commitment to their Alma Mater and pledge their support to the current Bulldogs continuing on the tradition of excellence.  

Thank you for checking out our page, whether you donate or not, the fact that you have read to this point means you understand the importance of our program and what our student leaders do. We appreciate any and all support, and hope that you share our page.


The Louisiana Tech Orientation Staff 

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