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Louisiana Tech Precision Flight Team
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The Louisiana Tech Precision Flight Team is comprised of Professional Aviation students who compete in both regional and national level SAFECON competitions hosted by the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) each year. This year the team competed in virtual regional competition finishing in 4th place overall. For the first time in several years, the Precision Flight Team was invited to the national competition to compete alongside some of the most elite flight schools across the nation. 

This team provides aviation students at Louisiana Tech an outlet to both better their skills a professional pilots and meet new people in their major. Students learn skills related to flight computer usage, cross-country planning, weight and balance calculations, FAA laws and regulations, preflight inspections, airplane recognition, and a large number of various skills useful to all pilots. Student also have the opportunity to fine tune their piloting skills in landing competitions and navigation practices. 

We as a team are not financially sponsored by the University in any way. We are only able to operate off donations and fundraising activities. Funds raised allow the team to travel to regional and national competitions. Not only are we responsible for travel expenses, we are also responsible for the expensive competition fees involved. This past year it has been increasing difficult to raise money, considering many of our events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. This being said, any donations would be so greatly appreciated by the team! 

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