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Phi Mu
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The generosity of your donations and gifts will be visible through our chapter, Alpha Lambda. Phi Mu is a national organization founded on the values of love, honor and truth. These values have been upheld by Phi Mu ladies since 1852, as we try to exemplify these in our everyday life. Our chapter is very passionate about our members, what is best for them, and what is best for their futures. As we are very passionate about our sisterhood, Phi Mu Foundation gives us the opportunity to help our members by:

  • Offering annual scholarships that help advance development not only in school, but also their futures.
  •  Giving back to members affected by hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. 
  • Phi Mu gives us the opportunity to give back to the ladies who pour so much into our chapter every day. 

We mean it when we say that your donations have the chance to make a huge impact on not only the ladies of Phi Mu currently, but also their futures. Many of our chapter members have been affected by COVID-19 financially, so we ask you to please consider us during this day of giving. 

By giving to our chapter today, you can help change the lives of some ladies who will forever be grateful to you for that. With the donations received, we will be able to improve our house for future members, give back to our current members and change the lives of girls who strive to change the lives of others daily! Will you help support our chapter for the further development of our ladies?

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