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The purpose of Black Student Union at Louisiana Tech Universityis to enlighten, empower, educate, and entertain students with an emphasis on the African-American perspective. We seek to edify ourselves first and as a result, the larger Tech community. Our edification is done in order to promote awareness, while sparking action and igniting change for a more inclusive and embracing multicultural community. 

● Enlighten- to give clarifying information; to free someone from ignorance, prejudice, or superstition; to teach to an unbeliever. 

● Empower- to give someone power or authority; to give someone a sense of confidence or self-esteem. 

● Educate- to give knowledge to or develop the abilities of someone by teaching; to develop or improve a faculty or sense; to train or instruct someone. 

● Entertain- to engage a person or audience by providing amusing or interesting material; to offer hospitality. 

These processes are carried out through programming efforts, individual partnerships, leadership development, and “Did You Know” sessions held during weekly meetings. 

It is the belief of Black Student Union that each student possesses individual knowledge, skills, and abilities that when enhanced become a catalyst to create a greater student body at Louisiana Tech University. 

The support of our alumni, family, friends, and surrounding is unparalled. We look forward to your support now and in the future as we continue to "Make The Minority A Priority". 

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