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Alliance of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture ED

AVMAED stands for the Alliance of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture through Equity and Diversity. Our mission is to promote interest in the agricultural and veterinary medicine fields and strive to make these fields more inclusive for all genders, races, sexualities, and disabilities. We offer opportunities such as service events, study and professional advice sessions, and mentoring. As a new organization, we would like to use all donations to fund these events! We want achieve our mission to make a positive impact; to build a supportive, diverse community and prepare all students for their futures!

We are currently focusing funds on our Tie Dye Event which will be held in May. The Tie Dye Event is a project where we will be creating organization shirts that students can tie dye at provided stations. This event will help bring students together, especially those who may not know anyone outside of their own majors or friend group! A bond building event like this is not only great to build connections across our community, it also relieves students from any anxiety during finals month! So join us to support our organization, students, and community!

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